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Adhesive Repair Kit (Adhesive Only)

Part #: GA32150


Adhesive Repair Kit (Adhesive + Mixing Tip Only)

Material: Urethane

Part #: GA32150

- This is the Adhesive + Mixing Tip ONLY for our adhesive repair kit. A dispensing gun (sold separately) is required. We recommend our dispenser, part number XX37030, to ensure the best possible mixing results.

Each cartidge is 50 ml of 1:1 Urethane adhesive which is the same material we use to attach steps to new buckets in our factory. The material color is white and has a 15 minute gel time. Each cartidge comes with 1 mixing tip. 

**We recommend 3 cartridges (150 ml total) of adhesive for all of our step types. Some step types have the option of being used as an Inside/Outside step. In those applications, we recommend adding 1 more cartridge (200 ml total) to help finish off the inside.  

The adhesive may be used for other applications, but we will not be able to provide an estimated number of cartridges needed.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the Adhesive is included with each order. We do not include instructions for how to do fiberglass repairs. Each situation is unique therefore repairs should only be handled by a fiberglass professional. 

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