Made in the USA since 1957


Founded in 1957 on quality and value, PCC has been a leader in supplying Fiberglass-Tough parts for the Aerial Man Lift and Bucket Truck industries. To this day we continue manufacturing buckets, liners, guards, and must-have accessories that meet or exceed all industry standards. Our replacement buckets have even been shown in testing to exceed the strength and durability of many OEM buckets. All of our fiberglass parts are made in house using hand layup procedures perfected through over 60 years of experience.

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana since its founding, PCC is still a family owned business. Our goal is to continue to uphold the legacy of the PCC name by providing over-engineered products to exceed the strenuous demands of our customers and the tough jobs they perform every day. While primarily serving arborists and tree trimmers, linemen, utility, electrical, and sign companies, we also cater to several other industries that need a strong, corrosion-resistant product. Read below for a more complete list of what we can do for you!



- Since PCC has been working with bucket trucks for over 60 years we still have many of the molds for buckets that were designed in the 80’s, 90’s and even back to the late 70’s. Even if we don’t have the exact mold we can still make almost any bucket configuration. We have many of our Buckets shown online. Hopefully you find the one you need or one that looks a lot like yours. You can also fill out our Bucket Worksheet to help us figure out what you need and then send it over. Or the easiest option is to call us when you are near the bucket with a tape measure and we’ll walk through it together!

- As a replacement manufacturer we keep up to date with the latest offerings and changes to be able to provide you a new bucket on a truck that might only be a few years old. We are even the sole supplier for several companies on their OEM units. Proof that PCC builds a quality bucket!

- Our hand layup process helps maintain consistent weight, thickness, and a more even distribution of resin and glass. Most of the broken OEM buckets we receive for repair are full of fillers and uneven spots of resin due to their manufacturing process. Whether it’s you or someone you work with, safety is the highest priority with PCC.

- Many buckets are in stock or can be finished to your specifications within a few days. All of our buckets come with a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects or workmanship issues.


- PCC offers a wide variety of Long Life Liners to fit many OEM buckets. These liners provide greater electrical insulation while also helping to protect your bucket. Each serialized liner is inspected and tested to 50 kV in accordance with ANSI standard A92.2 and comes with a certificate. We also offer scuff pads and non-slip tape to help with traction. Bucket liners are found in our Online Store. If you’re not sure what size you need, our Bucket Liner Worksheet helps ensure you get the exact liner for your bucket. Fill it out and send it in or call us and we can help.


- Our guards are crafted with the consistency, strength, and accuracy of hand laid fiberglass. While some of the OEM’s have switched to plastic guards and covers to save themselves money, this can leave you frustrated with parts that don’t hold up like they used to. The good news is our Fiberglass-Tough parts are typically less expensive than the OEM’s plastic parts. These parts are designed to be exact replacements for the originals. Most of our Guards are now available to Order Online! 


- PCC offers many accessories for your bucket truck regardless of the type of work you’re doing. We’ve built and designed these with feedback and suggestions from the folks in the field! You know what you need and we deliver. Again quality, value, and of course safety are all of the utmost importance when making these parts. Accessories include saw scabbards, rain covers (hard, soft, or folding), hanging steps, our patented thigh brace tool tray, work shelves, tool trays and more. Our Accessories are now available to Order Online!


- Our main focus is the bucket truck industry and we have over 60 years of experience in making and repairing buckets. Depending on the condition and severity of the damage, fiberglass buckets are often repairable versus having to buy a new one. We recommend sending us some pictures first to possibly save you the cost of shipping it to us. Buckets received for repair are carefully inspected, and a repair quotation is provided. We will provide a quote to make the bucket safe/usable again, and a quote to make the bucket look "like new." Every bucket repair job is serialized for a permanent record of the work done and comes with a materials and workmanship warranty.

- The most important thing to consider in any repair is your safety, so for that reason, damage to the mount system (i.e. bent or missing mount studs, cracks around studs or ribs) usually disqualifies the bucket for repair.



- With over 60 years of experience in composites, PCC is an industry expert in hand laid fiberglass. Our process is best utilized for low volume, complex parts that require consistency and accuracy. Need a mold? We can build it. Need a mold repaired? We can repair it. Fiberglass is a great material choice for products or parts that require strength but still need a little flex to them. It’s also great in underground environments or where a corrosion resistant property is key. We’d love to help you with that special project so send an email with some pictures or give us a call!


  • Bucket Trucks and Aerial Man Lifts
  • Burial Vault Covers
  • Hydrant Pits for Jet Fuel Systems
  • High and Low Point Pits
  • Custom Fiberglass Molding
  • Equipment Safety Guards and Covers
  • Insulated Work Platforms