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Adhesive Repair Kit (Dispenser Only)

Part #: XX37030


Adhesive Repair Kit (Dispenser Only)

Material: Plastic

Part #: XX37030

- This is the Dispenser gun ONLY for our adhesive repair kit and fits a 1:1 50 ml cartridge. The dispenser should be reusable between projects if it is cleaned after use. Replacing a bucket step, for example, would require 1 dispenser and multiple cartridges (see notes on adhesive listing, part number GA32150). However you can keep the dispenser and only order more adhesive if needed in the future.

See part number GA32150 for the adhesive.

When repairing fiberglass, each situation is unique therefore repairs should only be handled by a fiberglass professional. We do not include instructions for how to do fiberglass repairs. 

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