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Chainsaw Scabbard - Plastic - Bucket Mounted (Holster Only)

Part #: 50550403


Chainsaw Scabbard - Plastic - Bucket Mounted (Holster & Hardware Only)

Material: Plastic

Part #: 50550403

(See part number 50550400 or 50550401 for complete scabbard.)

- Holes are drilled and hardware IS included.

- These Saw Scabbards can only hang on the inside of your bucket due to the secure shape of the mounting hook. Adding the replaceable liner to the inside of the blade holder will significantly increase the life span of the scabbard. As the liner starts to wear away, order another replacement liner and install it yourself in minutes instead of replacing the whole scabbard. The entire scabbard is made from the same plastic as a bucket liner and only comes in black. The blade cover is bolted to the backboard with 8 bolts and lock nuts. Saw scabbards are recommended to be removed during transport.

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