Bucket Cover - 24" X 24" - Folding Hard Top

Part #: 50532103

Folding Hard Top Vinyl Bucket Cover for Single Man Buckets

Part #: 50532103

- The future is here! The folding vinyl cover combines all the best features of currently available bucket covers into 1 easy to use solution. With plastic polycomb support slats, this cover is sturdy enough to keep water from pooling (like a plastic hardshell or foam filled cover), but then also folds up to save space (like a traditional vinyl cover). The cover is held in place by a nylon strap that runs around the bucket opening under the lip which is then tightened with a buckle. At the end of the strap is a clip to use as a backup safety measure or while the bucket is in use.

Fits 24" x 24" buckets measured inside. (See Bucket Cover Measuring Guide)

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